Nerdly Multicompany Automation

Do you hate dealing with manual journal entries for intercompany transactions in NetSuite?

So did we. That’s why we built a system to automate away the tedium of intercompany transactions.

As we worked with customers around the globe, we found that many of them had a common problem. Companies with multiple subsidiaries would often have expenses that needed to be allocated to other subsidiaries, and to do so meant creating manual intercompany journal entries. NetSuite helped by creating the Advanced Intercompany Journal Entry, but it still didn’t solve all our problems. The Nerdly Multicompany AutomationTM (NMCA for short) makes it simple for you to allocate expenses to other subsidiaries in your NetSuite instance, without having to remember to create manual journal entries.

Say what? I don’t have to create manual journals?

Using the NMCA, when you need to allocate part of a vendor bill to another subsidiary, you simply select the destination subsidiary for the expense in the lines, and an intercompany journal entry is created for you and a link to the journal is available right on the bill. No manual intervention required.

So how much does this cost?

The bundle is free to anyone who already has an ongoing support agreement with Emerson Winchester, LLC.

If you don’t currently have support through Emerson Winchester LLC, but would like to have access to this bundle (plus maybe some other really cool stuff) the prices are below.

A quick demonstration of the Nerdly Multi-company Automation bundle

Silver Support
  • – Support for up to 10 subsidiaries
  • – File tickets through our support portal or email.
  • – Diagnosis of the issue and resolution if the issue is deemed minor by our team.
  • – Bug reporting and feature requests.
  • – Two business day guaranteed response.
Gold Support
  • Everything in silver plus:
  • – Support for up to 25 subsidiaries
  • – Invitation for two to our annual SuiteWorld extravaganza.
  • – Next business day guaranteed response
  • – Quarterly payment terms
Platinum Support
  • Everything in gold plus:
  • – Support for unlimited subsidiaries
  • – Official Emerson Winchester T-Shirt.
  • – Monthly payment terms

All our support prices are monthly, and are quoted in US Dollars. For customers on the Gold or Platinum plan, if you want a discount, you can let us know that you prefer to pay annually, and we’ll give you a free month.

How do I learn more?

Would you like a demo? Want to learn more about this? Think you need some custom functionality? Reach out to our team to schedule a meeting and we’ll answer all your questions and talk about what we can do.

Wait a minute… Didn’t you used to give this away for free?

We did, in fact, have an option for people to get the bundle without paying for support. But as the popularity has grown, people have been requesting things like Built For NetSuite status and additional features to support their complex workflows. When we started doing this, it was a side project that we were able to work on occasionally when time allowed, but it’s become something bigger than that now.

It was a tough decision to make, and not something we took lightly, but in order to continue to be able to support development and upkeep, we had to do something, and eliminating the free option was what we did.

Now, we understand that value is in the eye of the beholder. If you sign up for any of our plans, and for some reason you don’t feel like you’re getting value from our support and the functionality provided by the bundle during your first 90 days, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

But I can’t afford it! Please!?

Really? Here’s the relevant XKCD (Opens in new tab). Depending on your processing volume, the price for support is somewhere in the range of insignificant to rounding error.

Still think you can’t afford it?

OK. We get it. You may have a limited budget because you are dedicating resources to your mission, or maybe you work for a company that has been affected by the pandemic, or your dog just died and you want to spend more time with your other dogs. Send us a note through the contact button below, explain your reasoning, and if we like your reasons, the bundle is yours. No big deal. We still have a heart.

Let’s build something together.

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